Marc Orenstein, MBA

Marc has 27 years of trading and portfolio management experience, much of it on Wall Street.  He began at Bear, Stearns & Company in Institutional Equities and Convertible Bond Arbitrage.  He then traded equities and arbitrage in the investment banking division of J.P. Morgan Securities.

Marc became a partner of a trading firm that grew from 12 to 350 traders.  In 1999, Marc then led the firm's expansion into Europe and directed a team of 35 traders.

Marc headed U.S. equity trading at the Van Der Wielen firm and then began as the portfolio manager of a long/short equity fund at Davis Capital Management in 2006.  Marc's team anticipated the housing and financial crisis and outperformed its peers during that tumultuous time in the financial markets.  Marc then co-founded a share repurchase companyfocused on structuring share buybacks for publicly traded companies.  Before coming to Blockweather, Marc ran a systematic long/short fund based on Wall Street analyst research.


Marc now serves as Blockweather's CEO and Chief Investment Officer, where he works with market analysts, oversees trading, and manages hedging strategies.


Marc received a BA in Economics from Boston University.  Marc also studied at the London School of Economics and received an MBA in Finance from Hofstra University.

Dr. David E. Henry

Dr. David Henry is a double-board-certified surgeon, investor, entrepreneur, Certified Bitcoin Professional, and Certified Cryptocurrency Professional.  After years of highly successful trading of equities, David gained expertise in the digital currency and blockchain markets and executed trades with up to a 2800% return.

As Managing Director, David has been instrumental in designing and managing the corporate infrastructure of Blockweather and assisting with the growth of the firm.  For his contributions to the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry, David was awarded the International Business Awards Gold Stevie Award for "Entrepreneur of the Year - Financial Services" in 2018.

Evan Freeman

Evan is an experienced cryptocurrency investor and Certified Bitcoin Professional.  Evan has served as a consultant for cryptocurrency research and Bitcoin payment platform companies in the United States and Asia and has advised state digital currency research groups on the uses of blockchain technology.  Evan volunteered at an educational foundation in Thailand and served as a representative to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.  Evan is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Digital Currency.

Before investing in cryptocurrency, Evan worked in Japan and Thailand as a telecommunications and logistics contractor on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and submarines.

As Vice President of Investor Relations at Blockweather, Evan educates clients and the public on upcoming pre-sale ICO and cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Schedule a call with Evan here, or call (844) 644-6837.

Don Somerville

Don brings to Blockweather extensive knowledge, licensure and certification in the areas of E-mini S&P 500 market, segue funds, annuities, mutual funds, and cryptocurrency.  Don also has a wealth of experience and contacts in the entertainment industry.  He has had the pleasure of working with multiple Grammy winners and Hall of Famers throughout his career in production, publishing, performance, and personal management.


As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Don connects with investors and discusses opportunities to expand their portfolios into the cryptocurrency market.  Don will give presentations across the country and around the world.


Hayden Cifrino, CAIA

Before joining Blockweather, Hayden founded a cryptocurrency mining company and was a mining consultant to high net worth individuals and family offices.  He has also been a cryptocurrency trader, he worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and he co-founded a sustainable, responsible impact investing fund for a college.  Hayden is a Certified Alternative Investments Analyst.

Tricia Drago

In 24 years in accounting, Tricia has had extensive experience in tax preparation, GAAP financial statements, general ledger creation, daily account reconciliations, and auditing.  Tricia owns a business accounting firm and a franchise of Happy Tax.

Tricia is among few accountants who specialize in cryptocurrency accounting, taxation, and trade reconciliation.

As the Head of Accounting at Blockweather, Tricia reconciles client transactions and cryptocurrency trades, prepares tax documents, and conducts regular internal audits.

Dr. Paul Glance, PhD

Dr. Glance was the Director and Co-Owner of the Concept Analysis Corporation, at which he managed a staff of 20, authored over 44 technical papers, and served as a subadvisor to a $1 billion mutual fund.  Dr. Glance is an expert trading code developer and computer simulation engineer.  He has provided trading signal services to Flexible Plan Investments and other clients.


Since 2008, Dr. Glance has worked as an independent subadvisor to a $2 billion mutual fund and as a portfolio manager of a $30 million options fund.  Dr. Glance is a signal provider to six wealth management firms with the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM).


Dr. Glance’s trading strategies and codes have ranked first place for the past two years in TimerTrac.com and in the top 1% in the USA Today National Stock Contest.


Dr. Glance received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University (MSU).  He majored in Mechanical Engineering, with minors in Computer and Math from MSU.  He also completed two Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering.  Finally, Dr. Glance has served as an instructor at MSU, NASA, and the U.S. Navy.


Legal & Compliance

Bruce Belenky investment and cryptocurrency law

Bruce Belenky

Belenky Law Firm, PLLC


​Bruce Belenky, Esq. has assisted individuals and organizations as a business and transactional law attorney for a decade.  Please visit his website for additional information.