Investment Opportunities

Innovation in blockchain technology across many industries has led to the creation of thousands of unique digital currencies (cryptocurrencies).  After thorough research and technical analysis, we invest client funds into the promising large-, mid-, and small-cap cryptocurrencies with good use cases.

Our broad OTC and exchange platform relationships give us excellent liquidity and low price slippage when executing trades.  In contrast to cryptocurrency index fund, we actively hedge and manage client investments.


Investment Strategies

Blockweather maintains a core portfolio of carefully selected large-, mid-, and small-cap cryptocurrencies.  After extensively researching and monitoring an array of approximately fifty cryptocurrencies, we execute trades in those with the most favorable risk-reward profiles.  We look deeper than just the candlestick charts and technical analysis.  We understand not only the teams and operations behind each asset, but also its uniqueness and potential global value.

Investment goals:

  1. Preservation and growth of investor wealth.

  2. Non-correlation with traditional assets.

  3. To serve as a reliable vehicle by which investors can diversify their portfolios.

Our investment approach includes rigorous project selection, asset valuation, risk analysis, evaluation of volatility, evaluation of options and potential hedges, and creation of an investment strategy with predetermined levels at which to take profit.


Due to the growth of the digital currency industry, and our firm's dedication to fair offerings, trust, transparency, and ethics, we are in a unique position as the leading investment firm in digital currency and blockchain technologies.

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