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Blockweather complies with all Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer state and federal regulations.

What is Blockweather?

Blockweather is a digital currency (cryptocurrency) hedge fund that invests in and trades bitcoin, alternative coins, distributed applications, and occasional, well vetted Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).  Blockweather's Chief Investment Officer, Marc Orenstein, MBA, has an extensive Wall Street career as a trader and hedge fund manager with companies including J.P.Morgan.

Why invest with Blockweather?

There is rapid development in blockchain technologies in many sectors (finance, healthcare, banking, commerce, real estate, and entertainment).  This is analagous to the Internet boom in the early 1990s.  This rapid growth has led institutions and governments to invest billions of dollars.  Increasing demand for new technologies has led to increasing prices and value for many cryptocurrencies.  Many consider it reasonable to diversify their portfolios and invest in this growing industry, as there are opportunities for profit.

It takes thousands of hours per year to monitor cryptocurrency markets, analyze charts, research technologies, communicate with developers, execute trades, and monitor positions.  Investors choose to have our team of experts do this work for them by investing in our fund, with a goal that our team may achieve superior results than could be achieved by investing independently.  After investing, there is minimal time required on your part.

We engaged a world-class custodian - Kingdom Trust - to ensure that your assets remain secure.  We also employ additional security measures, some of which are described here.  All electronic communications and financial transactions are secure and encrypted.  Blockweather has never experienced any breaches in security.




Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a lock-up period?

Yes, one year.

What percentage of my investment portfolio should I invest with Blockweather?

Many clients choose to include cryptocurrency (digital currency) investments as a portion of a diversified portfolio, including stocks, mutual funds, and other assets.  Discuss with your financial advisor or with a Blockweather representative how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology investments may fit into your portfolio.


Feel free to call us at (844) 644-6837, email us at, or visit our Contact Us page.  A Blockweather team member will be happy to answer your questions.

What are bitcoin, digital currency, and blockchain technology?

Most people, besides industry professionals, do not fully understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as they are constantly evolving.  Review our Education page for more information.

Our team includes Certified Bitcoin Professionals, Certified Cryptocurrency Professionals, and experienced traders.  Contact us anytime with questions.

In short:

  • Blockchain is a global computer network that facilitates near-instantaneous financial transactions, as well as complex applications, automated "smart" contracts, and the storage and exchange of information.

  • Bitcoin was the first major cryptocurrency used on the blockchain.  It is used in near-instantaneous financial transactions between two entities anywhere in the world with minimal fees.

  • Digital currency (cryptocurrency) is an electronic medium of exchange of value or information.  Some cryptocurrencies are used primarily in financial transactions, whereas others are used in applications or in smart contracts, which can execute automatically if certain conditions are met.

What are your returns?

Blockweather and its investment team have years of experience trading in global cryptocurrency markets.  Contact us for current returns information.  Historical gains do not guarantee future returns.

Our investment team specializes in allocating a portion of a portfolio to more stable, large cap cryptocurrencies, and also identifying new technologies with a potential for significant growth.

Who decides in which digital currencies to invest?

Our trading team, led by Chief Investment Officer Marc Orenstein, MBA - an experienced trader and hedge fund manager from Wall Street - conducts due diligence and research, analyzes charts and indicators, collaborates with industry professionals, and decides in which digital currencies to invest.  Contact us if you have any questions for our investment team.

What is the risk profile of digital currency investment?

There is risk with any investment, including digital currencies.  Speak to an account manager about the risk profiles of our current holdings and future prospects, as these change regularly.


How do you mitigate risk?

We use the following techniques to mitigate risk:

  1. Security - assets are geographically diversified.  Funds are kept offline whenever possible.  Data is encrypted.  Review our other security measures.

  2. Data loss - we only engage third parties who are respected industry leaders.  Read about the security measures of our asset custodian, Kingdom Trust.

  3. Liquidity access - since we are connected with leading OTC desks, exchanges, and trading platforms, our access to liquidity allows us to execute trades with the lowest levels of price slippage per trade.

Do I need to have trading or investment experience in order to invest?

No.  Blockweather's investment team does all of the market research, chart analysis, execution of trades, and monitoring of positions.  You are welcome to call or email our team anytime with questions about our investment strategies.

Visit our Education page to learn more about Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and digital currencies.

How do I begin investing?

STEP 1  -  Call us at (844) 644-6837, or schedule a call with a Blockweather client service


STEP 2  -  Complete new client documents and submit identification documents.  For U.S. investors, you will need to submit verification that you are an accredited investor.  You can obtain this here.

STEP 3  -  Deposit funds via bank wire, check, or bitcoin transfer.  Your account will become active on or about the 1st day of the month after documents are completed, identification verified, and funds submitted.

How do I track the status of my account?

Our fund administrator, Fleming Fund Services, will send you a monthly account statement.  You are also welcome to contact us anytime with questions regarding your account.

How can I deposit funds?

Bank wire transfer, check, or bitcoin transfer.  Bank wire transfer is preferred.

How can I withdraw funds?

Bank wire transfer, check, or bitcoin transfer.

What is the minimum initial investment?

$25,000 or the equivalent in cryptocurrency.  Having a minimum allows us to provide the best service to our clients.


Do you offer a referral bonus?

Yes.  Contact your account manager for details.

What is my time commitment once I invest with Blockweather?

As our team manages the portfolio, there is essentially no time required of you after you invest.

Are there any fees?

Yes.  2.5% annual management fee.  25% performance fee, with a high water mark.  Please see our subscription documents for the terms of investment.